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Co-founder of Cervelo & the now-defunct Cervelo TestTeam (genius and insanity are close neighbors). Left the operational side of Cervelo in May 2011. Since February 2012, I am a part-time business development advisor for Cervelo’s new owner, the Pon Bicycle Group.

Cycling fan (in the saddle, on the couch and at the race) and perennially undertrained (or as I call it, “eliminating the chance of injuries due to overtraining”). I did participate in two national championships in my youth. Unfortunately, those were for bridge and fencing.

I ride for fun and participate in a few cyclosportives (organized or ad-hoc) per year. My favorite rides include Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, the 2009 Tour stage across the Tourmalet and Toronto’s Hell of the North ride through snow, ice, and other wintery wonders.

For better or worse, I put some of my thoughts on bikes and cycling here. As to the why, a combination of nature and nurture I guess. At any rate, I do know the “why” of cycling:

Fast enough to get through the forest,
yet slow enough to see the trees.


Disclosure: Since I have been in the bike busines all my life, chances are that when I write about bike equipment or other related issues, I have or have had some sort of business relationship with the companies involved. Just so you know.


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