The new mountainbike project together with Andy Kessler. Three words describe this new venture: bikes, open and simple.

Bikes we live and breathe. Andy’s career spans from downhill racer (back when helmets were optional!) to CEO of a mountain & road bike company. Gerard’s career includes co-founding Cervélo, where’s he’s done everything from engineering and design to sales, supply chain and marketing.

Open means open to new ideas; from our customers, retailers, vendors and ourselves. Open to show the intricacies of our products but also our company. Open even to issue shares to some of our customers.

If open is the goal, simple is the tool. “Relentless simplicity” is our guiding principle. Reduce the number of models and you simplify production, logistics, customer decision making, the website, everything. Avoid traditional advertising or sponsorships and free up precious time. Transfer logistics to third parties and you can focus on what matters most, which in our case means:

  1. Designing better bikes, the first of which we introduce here.
  2. Connecting with our customers.
And when you put it that way, is there really anything else to do? Go here to learn more about open.

2 Responses to “open”

  1. Marc Says:

    In the spirit of open:

    1) can you use the new Shram X1
    2) can the bike be procured without the front derailleur fixed mounts

    This plus (for example) all RIchey WCS Carbon and their Rigid front Fork and you will have achieved the ultimate.

    Please advise. Thanks.

    • Hi Marc,

      Yes you can use XX1. You just order the XX1 cable stops and then there aren’t even any unused cable entry holes or anything. As for the front derailleur mount, the S3 mounts are very “modest”, you can’t really see them when the crank is mounted. And I wouldn’t recommend removing them as they are part of the structure.

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