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Trait 11 of champions

September 3, 2012

And here we go, the last of the Traits of Champions. Seems as appropriate a moment as any to discuss these. I hope you liked them. An eleventh attribute that is harder to define in a single word is probably as important as any. Ultimately, a bicycle race is just a bicycle race, lives are […]

Trait 10 of champions

July 20, 2012

Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to finish my part 2 on the Schleck case, so that will come next week (subscribe here). In the meantime, here is Trait 10 of champions: Willingness to suffer: Great champions do not wish to suffer any more than you or I, but seem to accept the pain of […]

Trait 9 of champions

July 16, 2012

I promised to several people I would finish this series of 11 Traits of champtions (see them all here), so here we go with number 9. Thanks again to Toby Stanton (@hottubes on twitter) for these: Inward focus: The really great champions seem unconcerned about whom they are competing against. The riders in a particular […]

Trait 8 of champions

September 9, 2011

I’m merged out for the moment. And although there are plenty of other cycling dignitaries making outrageous comments which deserve some scrutiny this week, I decided instead to end the week on a high-note. So here we go, trait 8 of champions from my good friend Toby Stanton (@Hottubes): Consistency: Champions seem to demonstrate a […]

Trait 7 of champions

August 3, 2011

Self-direction: This does not mean the champion is self-coached or self-centered, but rather that the champion knows where he or she is going and will use the best available means at their disposal to achieve that end.

Trait 6 of champions

August 1, 2011

Patience: Part of being a champion is the realization that patience is an integral part of success. Patience is not just a trait, it is a tool that a champion uses to a definite advantage.

Trait 5 of champions

July 28, 2011

Not afraid to fail: To a degree, we are all afraid to fail. The champion seems to be willing to risk it in spite of the possibility of catastrophe.

Trait 4 of champions

July 15, 2011

OK, picking this list back up again from Toby Stanton on the 11 traits to being a champion. Plenty of this in the Tour de France: Tenacious: Certainly one of the primary traits that all champions show is tenacity. They just keep on coming whether it be a part of their training, a race or […]

Trait 3 of champions

June 22, 2011

Aggressiveness: Champions seem to be aggressive. Strong moves are indicative of the outstanding athlete. Yet the moves – whether made by design or by instinct – are not made frivolously but rather only at times when their chances can be greatly enhanced by such a maneuver.

Trait 2 of champions

June 20, 2011

In Friday’s blog I mentioned the 11 traits of being a champion as used by Toby Stanton, which he sent me after my Vettel blog. Here’s the second trait on his list: Self-Assured: Champions, the really great ones, never really boast. They have a quiet self-assuredness that transcends talk, and they seldom distract themselves with such […]