Gerard Vroomen – engineer+entrepreneur

– co-founder Cervélo (now sold)
– co-founder/owner OPEN (current)
– co-owner 3T Cycling (current)

– Dutch Engineer of the Year 2009
– 2 RedDot Awards
– 5 iF Design Awards
– 3 Eurobike Gold Awards
– 5 Design & Innovation Awards
– 2 E&Y Canada Entrepreneur of the Year Awards
– Countless Bike of the Year Awards
– Full overview

After years of blogging here, I now mostly write on the OPEN blog and the 3T blog.

Occasional posts may still appear here about pro cycling (if I can’t help myself) but given the state of the sport, I much prefer riding over writing. Old blog content can be found by topic at left.

To learn more about my various projects – past and present – check the links on the left. Or learn more about my business philosophy in this video:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Comments & Questions

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