about me

Cycling is fast enough to get through the forest,
yet slow enough to see the trees.

Co-founder of Cervélo, the most engineering-driven bike company in history. Cervélo became the world’s most popular triathlon bike (Kona bike count) and the most popular bike and pro road bike (Cyclingnews reader poll) within 10 years. In February 2012, we sold Cervélo to Pon.

Since Cervélo, I founded OPEN together with Andy Kessler, the ex-CEO of BMC. “Working hard to stay small”, we focus on making the bikes we want ride and then offering those to our customers. No marketing, no sponsorships, no exponential growth. Just “relentless simplicity”.

I have also become one of the owners of 3T Cycling and its Head of Design. 3T is one of the true original bike component manufacturers in the world. Together with René Wiertz, our job is to sheppard this beautiful brand through the fast-changing cycling world before we pass it on to the next generation.

If you would like to contact me, please note:

  • I’ll do my best to answer questions about riding, racing, bikes, business, etc.
  • Specific questions about Cervelo are best addressed via Cervelo customer service.
  • I am not interested in investment opportunities (not even if your father is a recently deceased Nigerian general and you need help getting the money out of the country).

E-mail:       gv@gerard.cc


Disclosure: Since I have been in the bike business all my life, chances are that when I write about bike equipment or other related issues, I have or have had some sort of business relationship with the companies involved. Just so you know.

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