3T Cycling

There are four historic cycling-related brands I absolutely love, and 3T is one of them. So when I had the chance to become an owner of this company together with its CEO Rene Wiertz, it was a dream come true.

In more than half a century, 3T has accumulated an impressive list of ‘firsts’: first to introduce many modern alloys to cycling, first to produce a dedicated aerobar, first to win an ID design award, first to produce a super-light saddle, first to an aero gravel frame.

frame-white-tabNow we get to write the next chapter of ‘firsts’ before we pass the baton to the next generation. As such, I feel more like a steward than an owner, honoring the legacy of 3T while keeping it relevant and cutting-edge in the fast-changing world of cycling.

You can lean more at 3T.bike



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