Garmin-Cervelo’s classics dream team?

April 1, 2011

Yesterday I commented on a article. There was another snippet that caught my eye:

“The bar was set high when the team signed Haussler,
Hushovd, Klier and co from Cervélo TestTeam to
create a Classics dream team”

Of course, the 2011 Garmin-Cervelo men’s team has great strength and depth for the Classics. On top of that, they are also some of the finest riders to work with, so there is not a single rider I would like to change out for any other (no, not for him either). But the whole dream team thing seems to be a little hyperbolic, which I understand sells magazines, banner ads and can also trap the occasional team fan or partner.

But let’s put it into perspective a little. This classics team is probably the strongest team ever to never have won a Classic. That’s right, despite the incredible strength of these riders, none of them has ever won a Classic. I am pretty sure that will change shortly, as the talent, desire and especially team spirit is there to make it happen, but expectations may need to be a bit more reasonable. By comparison, Leopard has four Classics winners on its roster if I counted correctly.

So a great team, yes, and without a shadow of a doubt the world’s best group to work with as an equipment partner. But let’s give them some time to win their first Classic (like a day or two, or nine :-)). Let me know if you agree or disagree (I have a hunch a good few will disagree) in the comments below or via Twitter (@gerardvroomen).


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