Cycling vehicles – the solution part 2

May 27, 2011
Yesterday I launched step 1 of the solution – getting rid of team cars. Here are the remaining steps:
Step 2: Photographers
  1. Why are there a dozen photographers? They aren’t that special. For sure there are some really good ones, but the majority is just average, all shooting the same photos (good thing I’m still wearing that bullet-proof vest from yesterday). But that sameness is exactly the problem, while going for the same photo they tend to clog up the race and foul it up.
  2. The conclusion of #1 has to be, these photographers are not really providing us with a service, they are only serving themselves. So let’s reduce it to 2 or 3, the ones that are actually very good, and ditch the rest. This is already done for the closing stages of the race (where they have a photographer pool and they are sharing the images). Let’s do it for the whole race.
  3. Now, I can already hear the media complain that they are independent and to do their job properly they need to independently gather their material including photos. But can an industry that has shown absolutely zero critical attitude towards the misgivings of cycling really take that moral high-ground? What is the last time that good investigative cycling journalism unearthed anything? There are very few journalists in cycling, it’s mostly “reporters”. And just like the reporters on TV can all share the same moving images, other media can share the same still images. (Boy, I’m never taking that vest off again!)
Tomorrow steps 3 and 4. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

6 Responses to “Cycling vehicles – the solution part 2”

  1. Alan Schietzsch Says:

    C’mon you know better. We could say ” only allow the few best riders, the other ones aren’t that interesting anyway. ” How did they become good? Or only the few established bike brands. How fair is that?

  2. I was thinking the same while I was watching the Giro today. Why so many motorbikes? It is funny that some media does not have any interest in cycling but only want to show news about scandals.

    @Alan The best photographers show their work. As the best riders or bike brands do. So in a race stage only the best would be there. If the others could prove they were better they could be chosen for the next race or stage.

  3. The riders and bike companies became good in smaller teams in smaller races. Last time I checked, bike companies didn’t prevent breakaways from happening or allowed drafting of compatriots. Not saying all photographers on motorcycles do this, but the number of press vehicles cause these things to happen and for no good reason.

  4. Andrew Says:

    Photographers are not the media! They’re not the ones writing bad stories about cycling. They’re trying to get awesome cycling photos!

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