Peace and tranquility

June 3, 2011

Well, a tumultuous week for me, thanks to this blog. Time to go ride a bike instead.

If we need any inspiration about why we ride, the photo blog from my friend Ralph Dunning is a good place to start. His latest photos are from a cycling trip in Colorado (this one and forward), but my favorite image is from Ontario.

Have a good weekend everyone.

2 Responses to “Peace and tranquility”

  1. beev Says:


    I’m guessing that i like many people who are reading your blog are bit by bit getting dialled into your character. Reading your comments in todays Daniel Benson piece has left me with the feeling that you have plenty more to say – i really hope you do. As for riding the bike – enjoy – i’m off to do this from June 13th for 5 days. Feel free to drop in if you fancy a day in the Alps with a group of under achieving cyclists…


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