Truly full-service

June 23, 2011

A few days ago I mentioned “full-service” airlines Swiss and KLM, but recently I flew Cathay. People rave about it, but I have to say I found it average. The seats were comfortable but really cramped, and the difference between the upright and relaxed position were difficult to spot without a microscope. I guess their core market is Asia, where people are on average a little shorter than I am.

But what stood out for me on that flight was that I was running late, as my train was delayed. So with 30 minutes to take-off, I was still making my way to the gate. How surprised was I to get a call from Cathay, wondering if I still planned to fly with them today, as they hadn’t seen me at the gate yet. A personal touch for a non-frequent flyer that, just like EasyJet’s gesture, doesn’t really cost them anything and probably helps them plan their gate procedures. Maybe not nice enough for me to look forward to folding up in their seats again, but who knows.

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