Tension at Leopard?

July 12, 2011

I can’t believe this wasn’t picked up by the mainstream cycling media (oh, the journalists :-). On June 30, Fabian Cancellara tweeted:

Dinner table discussion @leopardtrek…. Is the moon landing true….!!?? There are meany opinions about a big hugh lie. Is it true.??

Now, this may look like innocent banter, but in fact it attacks Frank Schleck’s core belief system. After all, his Twitter intro text is:

Don t tell me the sky is the limit, if there are footprints on the moon!

[Whole spiel about Frank Schleck now going to Sky deleted – not funny. Why the rest of this post was allowed to stay is unclear]

And yes, I do know that “Don’t tell me the sky is the limit, if there are footprints on the moon” is an idiotic expression to begin with. For most people, the moon is in the sky (Thanks to The Apprentice UK for spreading the word), and furthermore there are definitely no footprints on the moon, as it is way too cold to walk barefoot up there. Shoe prints maybe. Hm, or perhaps that’s how we finally figure out that the whole thing is fake, when we see footprints in the video? But I digress.

Thank goodness the rest day is over and there are some real things to write about again.

2 Responses to “Tension at Leopard?”

  1. Wielsucker Says:

    Glad that’s sorted!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Much ado about nothing. Let the moon be.

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