Trait 5 of champions

July 28, 2011

Not afraid to fail: To a degree, we are all afraid to fail. The champion seems to be willing to risk it in spite of the possibility of catastrophe.

4 Responses to “Trait 5 of champions”

  1. In my experience as people development coach, most people are failures who have not yet failed… They quit when the stakes get high, thus avoiding failure. Each of us needs to fail properly at least once in life to avoid this fear. I was very lucky, I failed 4th form at High School.

  2. The schleck should read your blog :-p

  3. Trait of a champion? When your fans offer up their wives! But we already knew Thor was a champion anyway…

  4. Bill Says:

    I think the champion is not afraid to fail and is prepared to risk it all, but also has a sense of the most appropriate time or moment to go for it. There are plenty of failures that occur from never taking a risk, but there are also plenty of failures that occur from going all in at the worst possible moment.

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