PR 101

September 7, 2011

Has anybody ever seen a merger where both sides keep putting out their own stories instead of some sort of coordinated effort? It’s not just the initial statements, the contradictions just keep coming. Here’s Becca’s latest:

De Marketing gëtt och vu Lëtzebuerg ausgemaach, net vun Austin am Texas.

Now, I don’t really speak Luxembourgish, but I’m pretty sure that says that the marketing will also be handled from Luxembourg, not from Austin, TX. And here we have Bruyneel:

All marketing operations will be operated out of Austin, Texas by CSE Pro Cycling LLC.

Now, apparently I don’t really speak English either, as that seems to be the polar opposite of what Becca is saying.

Much more to come this week, to not miss anything you can subscribe here.

4 Responses to “PR 101”

  1. I am finding this evolving (or revolving) episode, to be similar to someone pulling a loose bit of wool from a jumper (or scarf) you pull a little bit, and it unravels. So you pull a little more, and you keep going until the jumper (or scarf) is all gone……………..

  2. hl2037 Says:

    What they need is a really good press officer. Oh wait…

  3. I envision a conversation last week:
    Becca: Brian, we’re going accept sponsorship from Radio Shack and Nissan. Bruyneel’s management team is coming in. Prepare a statement.

    Nygaard: What? I’m going to be under Bruyneel?

    Becca: Yes, that’s what we agreed to.

    Nygaard: Right. I have to make a call…
    Shayne, is that offer at GreenEDGE still on the table? I can be in Australia on September 7…
    This is ripe for one of Erik’s cartoons over on Cyclismas.

  4. Jacques Says:

    I speak Luxembourgish and can confirm your translation of Becca’s comment. As for why he keeps insisting that the team will remain Luxembourgish I can only speculate that he wants to appease his fellow Luxembourgers who came to think of Team Leopard as some sort of Luxembourgish national team, despite the fact that they only had 2 riders from Luxembourg. It’s going to be interesting to see how the people in Luxembourg are going to react to the latest change in their “national team”… at least for myself as a Luxembourger :) Does anyone else really care about where the team is based?? From a target audience perspective surely it can’t be in the sponsors interest to finance a team based in Luxembourg, can it?

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