5-point Vos preview

March 31, 2012

I was going to write a Spring Classics preview but let’s be honest, it’s all about Vos. She can win every race every which way (although luckily not every race every time every year, so it does keep things interesting. But as long as it’s not a road world championships, betting against Vos is like hoping for disgraced CEOs to forego their golden parachutes. Five unlikes for Vos at Flanders (not to be confused with dislikes):

  1. Unlike Cancellara, she doesn’t really have any weak spot. She can climb, time trial and sprint (second at last year’s World Championship sprintfest).
  2. Unlike Cancellara, she has team mates who can (and do) also win in these type of races.
  3. Unlike most other bike races, Flanders understands the value of women’s cycling and also understands how to integrate a women’s race into the overall program. So the spectators are in for a treat.
  4. Unlike Cancellara, Vos seems to be a mere mortal. It’s just been announced she’s sick and therefore out of Flanders for tomorrow. All bets are off, but my sentimental favorite is Lizzie Armitstead.
  5. Unlikely winner could be Sara Duester, who is taking over the leader’s role from Vos for Rabobank. She is a great rider (and a great person), although she does not always like dealing with pressure. Maybe the way she just became the team leader is a blessing for her.

Of course with Vos out of Flanders, her focus will shift to the next races. And with her talents, there’s still so much to choose from.

7 Responses to “5-point Vos preview”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Marianne Vos is amazing! She is great in everything and she is admired (inspiration source) by women that are older than her.

    How can she be dominant in every aspect of cycling? And she is still very young!

  2. Anthony Says:

    unfortunately, Vos is sick and won’t be participating in Flanders on Sunday.

  3. JC Webb Says:

    What do you think of the Rabo director suggesting she start men’s races to keep her interest peaked?

    • Well, who am I to comment on that. I don’t think it would be particularly helpful to women’s cycling, men’s cycling or Vos, but it’s not my call.

  4. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Be careful GV, you might end up being considered a jinx based on these posts – with one missing the race due to illness and the other crashing out and being injured.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to both!

  5. Did you read Clara Hughes Fleche-Wallonne post? She proved in Fleche Wallonne the really good point that with a strong enough team, and good teamwork, Vos can be beaten. The post is here: http://clara-hughes.com/scared-shitless-in-belgium-winning-fleche-wallonne-as-a-team/

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