Trait 10 of champions

July 20, 2012

Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to finish my part 2 on the Schleck case, so that will come next week (subscribe here). In the meantime, here is Trait 10 of champions:

Willingness to suffer: Great champions do not wish to suffer any more than you or I, but seem to accept the pain of athletic suffering as part of thei endeavor. They seem to force more out of their bodies than other riders do, especially when the going gets tough. Much of this sport, at all levels, is decided by a mental commitment that allows the body to react accordingly.

4 Responses to “Trait 10 of champions”

  1. tds456 Says:

    In respect to the above, what is your view of Wiggins? He is about to win the TdF without really having to attack and experience that pain barrier. I do accept that it could be because of his training and just how far he has come compared to others but still.

    • You think Wiggins is not suffering and “experiencing that pain barrier”? Or does he not show it? I would expect the latter, and it’s pretty impressive if you can hide your suffering that well.

      • tds456 Says:

        The is a huge difference between riding all day at 95% of your FTP than been forced to react and go above it for periods of time.
        Don’t get me wrong, was Wiggins and Sky are doing is nothing short of amazing. They’ve built the team around what Wiggins is capable of and riding right on the limit as a team as they did on Stage 7 really showed the world that they are a force to be reckoned with. But the only person who has put Wiggins under pressure so far is Froome.

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