Trait 11 of champions

September 3, 2012

And here we go, the last of the Traits of Champions. Seems as appropriate a moment as any to discuss these. I hope you liked them.

An eleventh attribute that is harder to define in a single word is probably as important as any. Ultimately, a bicycle race is just a bicycle race, lives are not saved, the homeless are not housed. Champions seem to realize this as well, and realized that the lessons of racing and training are really only valid when applied to our life as a whole.

And that concludes the 11 traits of being a champion as used by Toby Stanton (@hottubes). If you want to see what a team based on instilling these traits in young athletes looks like, follow the amazing Hottubes Junior team.

It’s a small team always struggling to continue year after year. Nobody is getting rich off of it, quite the contrary. But it’s done for all the right reasons. Check out the team here, although you will quickly see that Toby is too busy running the team to do a great job of marketing – the site is slightly out-of-date.

There are some really nice people who support behind the scenes. If you would like to join them, contact Toby. Or why not offer a small token of your appreciation and have your frame repainted by Toby, as he does an amazing job with that.

5 Responses to “Trait 11 of champions”

  1. Rick Says:

    Sorry to be a pain. Only jumped in at #11. Any chance to get links to the other 10?

  2. Jason Fredrick Says:

    Had the chance to spend some time with Toby and one of his riders while in Colorado a week or so ago. GREAT people. Proud to support Toby and his efforts.

  3. Sergio Escutia Says:

    Feet on the pedals while training-racing and on the ground when off the bike. A truism maybe, but it seems to me that some riders (some very successful), do not have a realistic understanding of who they really are.

    Saludos Gerard.

  4. Evan Shaw Says:

    Like all save this one. Chariots of fire. One runs to feel gods spirit. The other to fight anti semitism and be e equal of all.

    Champions have many motivations. All intensely personal. Some are pro social. Others incredibly destructive.

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