Fabiani is getting old

October 9, 2012

I so did not want to write my next blog about doping. In fact, I have a whole slew of non-doping posts in the works, ones that actually deal with the part of cycling that is worthwhile instead of all the politics and other nonsense.

I let stupid stuff from Fabiani pass in the past few days when he called the USADA evidence the same old stuff from the same old people.  Clearly it is new stuff from new people, which doesn’t make it true or false but it does make it something other than what Fabiani says.

But I just couldn’t let this latest Fabiani gem (from California Watch and passed on by cyclingnews) pass. It’s in response to alleged blood value irregularities.

“The rules are clear to everyone but USADA: You either pass a drug test, or you fail it. There is no in between. Lance Armstrong has passed every test ever given to him, including every test administered during the 2009 Tour de France.”

Sounds like the same old answer from the same old people. But worse, are we supposed to believe that Fabiani has been dealing with this for several years, and he still doesn’t understand how the biological passport works, since it has nothing to do with passing or failing a drug test.

Are we supposed to believe that the biological passport is “clear to everyone but Fabiani”? No. Because I don’t think Fabiani is stupid, far from it, he just says stupid things. Which must mean that saying stupid things is the smartest thing he can do, likely because the smarter things would make his client look stupid.

On the other hand, it is getting equally tiring how the people who have a clear job to do (like USADA) seem to be playing the cycling world via the media instead of letting the evidence they claim to have speak for itself.

I promise, the next posts will be positive (no pun intended) and awesome. Subscribe here if you don’t want to miss it. (or unsubscribe if you’ve had enough of course!)

9 Responses to “Fabiani is getting old”

  1. racepace Says:

    What do YOU think?

    I think this may go on forever! I can’t see and end to it unless the members of the UCI are all changed and a totally independent body takes over testing of all sport, this body should be funded by sport and should not be a profit making organisation.

    I am loosing interest in the racing side of the sport and am looking more and more for inspiration else where, the Rapha rides for example…

  2. beev Says:

    I really don’t think you can say Fabiani says “stupid” things – not when you consider his target audience – which isn’t bike pros or those closely linked and/or knowledgeable about the sport.

    The mantra “never failed a test” (ignoring the disputed TdS one) is so ingrained now in so many peoples minds that you cannot simply put down misleading or even false statements as “stupid”.

    Throw such “stupid” statements in with more emotive comments – like cancer survivor, livestrong founder etc – and you have something that is made stronger by just such statements.

    Doesn’t mean this machine that has been created is immune to failure, just makes it that bit harder to crack – so, not so stupid perhaps….

  3. Evan Shaw Says:

    Gerard, a serious question to you. I totally respect, value, and appreciate your efforts. First, as a Cervelo person. I have the S3 and as a former national level rider and retired guy I just love it, and I am not into fads!!!!

    Your blog is refreshing honest and great perspective, so whatever you choose to do is good by me.

    That said PLEASE continue to share your perspective regards the once in a generation juncture to change the sport. This is a watershed moment I feel.

    So I for one am NOT tired of the talk, especially by the non polarized informed hopeful and activist free thinkers like you!

    We need you, the folks at Red Kite Prayer and many others.

    The UCI and the other forces that be Livestrong the politically connected Nike and other big companies could drive it all underground like following Festina.

    So for me, I hope you reconsider. If you are burnt out, take a break. But please find a way forward. I think your ideas are actually crucial.


  4. Evan Shaw Says:

    Regards USADA I think they may be doing the right thing actually. I know it appears wrong. They are not actually responding to everything, only when by not responding misinformation goes unchallenged. They have already determined LA is guilty of the offenses. It is not as if it is pending. Yes, if the UCI had remained silent as they SHOULD have, then USADA should also. It is frankly ONLY that the federal investigation went forward as far as it did that USADA was able to marshall, albeit, independently, the massive multiple witness and multiple forms of evidence that would be overwhelming enough to resist the legal money political pressure and resistance from UCI to sweep it all away. It is likely the federal investigation would have gone forward but it was killed politically. Many have allot to lose for that to have happened. USADA is showing some major guts to do this. Who knows what other threats they have experienced. Death threats we already know about.

    So I guess on this one I have a somewhat different perspective than you.

  5. Nancy Says:

    If I was Fabiani, I will be happy that it stayed like that forever. He is getting a lot of money and it is probably easy work for him, so no complaints from him!

  6. Tom Says:

    Lawyers get paid by the hour and no one expects truth and facts in their public pronouncements. The lawyer is neither guilty nor innocent, and can move on to the next business opportunity when the current checks stop cashing.

  7. motogpfan Says:

    Looking forward to your future non-doping related posts. I am sooo burnt out on cycling politics & nonsense. After being devout fan for close to 30 years I find the current state of the sport & related media coverage hard to stomach. I may be forced to look elsewhere for my sporting entertainment. I am sure others feel the same.

    • Evan Shaw Says:

      Agreed! For me learning that almost the entire enterprise is basically a sham makes it easier to watch a Dr. Who episode on Brit TV and suspend disbelief there. Watching Vino win the Olympics. What trash. Oh how I love watching Lemond vs Hinault and Fignon. Ahhh!

  8. John S Says:

    Fabiani …Stupid? Probably not. However he is prone to (perhaps delights in) making false/misleading statements…as per the current discussion point. The goal…his goal is to wield influence…lobby the influential…whomever that may be. In this case anybody that will support Lance.

    The “ends” are all that matters and I suspect that Fabiani does not worry what tools are used to achieve that objective.

    I am concerned that Fabiani and Co have managed to maintain a “beachhead” for LA and are content to use any and all means to do so.

    Last thought: Fabiani and Co accuse USADA of associating with Big Tobacco. Therefore USADA/Big T vs LA the white knight (anti Big T). Whereas LA’s party (Fabiani et al) have acted on behalf of Big T! Hypocrisy anyone?

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