UCI vs.

February 13, 2013

It’s hard to keep track of the public wars of words, isn’t it?





UCI vs. Ashenden

UCI vs. Kimmage

UCI vs. yours truly

If only there was a common theme to these wordfeuds so that people can figure out what is really going on? Hm.

15 Responses to “UCI vs.”

  1. Stuart Says:

    U don’t C a comment theme?
    I do.

  2. boner Says:

    time for a name change…ICU Ass and it is smelly.

  3. Berend Says:

    UCI vs. Kimmage

  4. Col Says:

    Not much UCI v Armstrong

  5. Siamon Says:

    I completely and utterly fail to understand why the UCI is so defensive, when all the press comment about them is so unbiased.

    The wild & unbalanced rhetoric aimed at them will only serve to engender sympathy for the UCI from anybody that is able to view their “evil” deeds with any kind of perspective or context.

    Sarcasm aside:

    Maybe the UCI personnel have cunningly decided the only way they can cling on to their coveted but untenable jobs is to plant various “enemies” in the press, screaming a load of emotional hatred, with no regard for rhyme or reason. Then anybody with even a smidgen of common sense will regard these anti UCI zealots with justifiable suspicion.

    Or the neigh sayers are just a bunch of holier than thou, judgemental bullies. By judgemental I mean “a way of making oneself feel superior by intentionally criticising and hurting others”.

    People may start to conclude that the current incumbents are the best of a rather spiteful and unpleasant bunch.

  6. Rp Says:

    I like how you think Gerard
    Score …
    UCI vs. Ashenden – UCI CRUMBLING
    UCI vs. Kimmage – UCI GOING
    UCI vs. yours truly (GV) – UCI GOING

    Let’s hope the next loss will have Pat & Hein GONE for good.

  7. Evan Shaw Says:

    Actually not a war of words, propaganda is the use of a big lie told over and over. Himmler and Goering made this statement. Now NOT saying Pat is those folks, but the tactics are of the very same method.

  8. UCI v any ex doper who spoke up prior to USADA reasoned decision

  9. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Sadly, I think the entire UCI needs to be declared no longer the international cycling governing body and an entirely new organization put in its place. IOC just tossed wrestling out of the Games, cycling should be next if its house can not be put in order. Needless to say Mr. Mars and his Mad Hatter puppet should have NO part in any new organization!

  10. rogier Says:

    I think you mentioned the common theme in the “vaughters-3” blog: “To achieve more permanent change in the mind-set inside the sport, some people will have to leave. You need fresh blood (no pun intended) to tip the balance.”
    Current UCI leadership seems to understand that they are “some people” and are using their last grasp of breath to fight everyone and everything trying to prevent themselves from losing power and being replaced. Unfortunately this is a natural process of leadership change in non democratic environments, it might even get messier or more painful.
    Let’s just hope it doesn’t take too long before we can welcome fresh blood.

  11. Matt Rose Says:

    @fmk_roi had a great column in PodiumCafe a while back. http://www.podiumcafe.com/2011/3/30/2080553/be-my-enemy

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