Next steps to oust McQuaid

August 5, 2013

As I explained last week, McQuaid has made it clear he cannot run for UCI president.

Basically, his interpretation of the UCI rules is that unlike what everybody thinks, you can be a member of multiple federations. Unfortunately for him, if you read the rules that way, then it also follows that once you become a member of multiple federations, you give up the possibility of being nominated for the UCI presidency since you no longer have any “THE federation of the candidate”.

Therefore the only logical conclusion is that he will not run anymore in the upcoming UCI elections. But it goes further.

After all, he has indicated he’s been a member of the Moroccan federation since 2009. Was that before or after that year’s presidential election. If it was before, then there is a good chance his nomination for that race (which wasn’t even a race since nobody else ran) was counter to the rules as he wouldn’t have had any “THE federation of the candidate” back then either.

Even if his Moroccan membership was post-election,  his Swiss membership likely pre-dates 2009. And he claims to have a total of 6-7 memberships, so surely one of them is pre-2009.

That means McQuaid was never nominated in 2009 and therefore should resign immediately. Anybody ready to take him to court on this one?

4 Responses to “Next steps to oust McQuaid”

  1. You make some valid points ! Wonder if Jaimie Fuller can incorporate this in the action against the Swiss Fed. nomination attempt ?

    Wonder if there are any out there willing to assist with this :

  2. Mike Says:

    You should!

  3. Larry T. Says:

    Since “The Mad Hatter” already talks out of both sides of his mouth, dealing with semantic contests like this will likely see him talking out of another, more southerly orifice! Sadly, even if Cookson prevails in the election, frivolous lawsuits (like the one against Kimmage) will drag on and on.

  4. Gildas Says:

    If he is member of multiple federations, he not then voting for himself multiple times? Is this not the basic premise of electoral fraud?

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