September 27, 2013

Cookson is president of the UCI. Wow. Just wow.

Now the real work begins. Can he do it? He may not be the flashiest guy on the planet, but that’s not what the sport needs right now either. It needs painstakingly thorough work, cleaning up the UCI organization, cleaning up the constitution, figuring out how to promote all aspects of cycling, not just men’s road racing.

Most of all, it requires listening to all those people who haven’t been heard in a long time. It means speaking with the great people who used to work at the UCI but left because they couldn’t stand the atmosphere. Because that’s the truly poisonous part of incompetent leadership, the organization below filters out the good people and retains the garbage.

This is not to say that there haven’t been brave people who have hung on for dear life at the UCI – there have been – but let’s hope that the hopelessly incompetent bunch around McQuaid, including Verbruggen, Verbiest, Strebel and many others, will finally leave this sport alone.

Good Luck Brian.

9 Responses to “Wow”

  1. Slaphotjc Says:

    Chapeau Gerard!! The thoughts of cycling fans everywhere!!

  2. Kevin Says:

    Well said.

  3. Bob Simpson Says:

    Hear hear well said Gerard

  4. Roger Milroy Says:

    The kiss of death is really effective! Lookinf forward to seeing future changes in the UCI´s handling of our great sport

    • Time for the return of Sylvie Shenk , she will take the knife to some of the dead wood !

      How soon can Mike Ashenden & Anne Gripper get back to work , even if only as Sub contract online ?

      @tanni_grey & UCIIC Co Delegates need to get their bags packed also , ready for the CALL to help sort through the documents that thye sought in Jan 2013 !

      First item on the UCI Agenda has to be a CHANGE of INTERNAL Auditors , then sifting ALL Expenses of the last 12 months to put together the ITEMS that were for phat the rat’s unsuccessful smoke screen ! The chf500k for UCIIC can come out of phat’s severance package , perhaps even the $93k ” borrowed ” by brown , since he has been working for phat these recent times ?

      How soon does the Cookson Presidential Authority take effect ? Can he have the UCI doors locked to prevent the ” Shredders ” being overworked in the next days ? Whilst on the premises could the Auditors/Security find the ” pending Doping Sanctions from 100th Le Tour & recent Vuelta ß

  5. Roger Sitterly Says:

    AMEN! to all above.

  6. Roy Says:

    A great sense of relief. This election won’t fix cycling’s woes, but it just might be the start of a turnaround.

  7. Gildas Says:

    That I might get UCI membership again.

  8. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Pro cycling’s pretty much got nowhere to go but UP…and with some new people at the helm, there’s finally a chance!

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