Ideas to combat doping – Idea 2

May 31, 2010

Idea 2: Enough already with the second, third and fourth chances.
If all convictions are justified and the public has transparency into their legitimacy, penalties can be increased. 2 years for willful cheating is not enough. Sure, it’s more than the 4 weeks in football (see here and here), but 2 years fly by. Let’s make it 8 years (lifelong is probably too difficult legally) for any willful cheating, and only reduce it in case of accidental use (this DOES happen) or with serious cooperation with the authorities.

Also, none of that nonsense about doped riders returning as managers or in some other capacity. The argument can certainly made for some who have done so and really made a positive difference (no pun intended), but right now it’s just too much. But more on that some other time.

One Response to “Ideas to combat doping – Idea 2”

  1. […] to work, etc. See my views on that here. So once you come back from a lengthy ban (my views on that here), you should be allowed to earn a living again. It’s very difficult to avoid that anyway […]

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