Ideas to combat doping – Idea 3

June 3, 2010

Idea 3: Professional management
As long as we do not have professional management at all levels of this sport, we’ll be spinning our wheels and the sport will never reach its full potential. We have a long way to go in this regard, but things are slowly improving with some new teams entering the peloton (I’m not saying all the old teams are bad).

I don’t know if the Garmin, Sky or Cervelo model is the future, they are all different and time will tell, but at least new ideas have a chance now and other teams will follow. Ex-riders have a place in the management of teams, but they are way, way over-represented right now.

Think about it this way; cycling teams are a service industry with three types of customers:

  1. Fans (create a spectacle that is worth following)
  2. Sponsors (assist them to reach their objectives in the sport)
  3. Riders (support the riders to race successfully)

Name one other industry where the main human resources strategy is to hire customers?

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