My new bike – Intro

May 11, 2011

Although I ride many different bikes throughout the year, I don’t often get a new bike really for myself. My stable currently consists of a 2004 SuperProdigy and a 2009 S3.

For my new bike, I had to stick with an aero frame (I’m so slow I can’t afford to lose any watts to drag). So I went with the most beautiful Cervelo frame of 2011, the WHITE S2. It sports what may be my favorite technical feature of all time, the ICS-3 system. Internal cables without the usual drawbacks of heavy internal housing, high friction or cumbersome routing. You just insert the cables at the top and they pop out at the bottom (for those who don’t have much luck doing this, make sure the frame is level, don’t hold it upside-down). Anyway, there is step 1, I’ll slowly build up my S2 on my blog this month.

8 Responses to “My new bike – Intro”

  1. Mark Salisbury Says:

    This slow build on your blog is a great idea, I look forward to seeing how you will build it up, please explain to us why you are choosing to go with one component over another, that would be helpful. My question is this, I have a Cervelo S2 2009 and personally regard it as the prettiest bike ever designed, but if I had to do it all over again I would chose the S3 as the ride comfort is supposed to be so much more superior (I haven’t ridden one), why did you chose an S2 and not an S3, was it purely based on colour? Is there a huge difference in ride quality for us ammateurs?
    Great blog I idea,
    thanks Gerard,

  2. Helene Says:

    This is a sweet looking bike. Can’t wait to see the finished product. The red stripe on the stem is pretty cool. Looking forward to bar tape and seat color you choose.
    I’ve gotten pretty slow as well, when do you build me one:)

  3. anax Says:

    White always been the best color for a cervelo bike…

    Don’t understand that in a marketing way Cervelo not always choose white as major sign to recognise the brand

    • The reason not all bikes are white is that it’s not just the nicest but also the heaviest color. No point making a super-light frame and then adding heavy paint.

  4. anax Says:

    For my humble point of view, no need to do a lighter frame than the R3 … but cars are allowed on the race….and UCI is still at 6,8

    despite de fact that the R5ca is a master piece ( not white yet..)

  5. John Barshinger Says:

    I would think a guy like you can have any bike you want. Why do you have a 2004 SuperProdigy as one of the horses in your stable? I’m mostly curious because I just bought one of these and I’m fixing it up with current tech. You having one seems to validate my opinion that this is a great bike? What can you tell me about this bike? Can’t find too much about it on the internet. THANX!

    • It’s mostly sentimental value for me. That bike feels so different from everything else, I enjoy riding it from time to time. You really notice the jump in stiffness when going back to a carbon Cervelo though, but who cares.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    So can we get a pic or 2 of how the bike ended up?

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