My new bike – Stem

May 12, 2011

This part was a pretty easy choice. It’s the stem that we spec on most of our bikes because it is light, available in the right lengths and bombproof. No problem with tiny bolts that break or strip out, the only thing I really want from a stem it that it doesn’t cause me any problems and this one doesn’t.

Especially when you travel a lot, it’s important that the bolts are 1) all the same size; and 2) able to tighten and loosen often. With the Ti bolts in the 3T Arx Team and the Alloy grade used in the stem body, that all works. Beyond that, it’s just a stem.

Oh, and it has a red stripe, which is nice with the red stripe on the frame (the eye wants something too), although I think I would actually like a white stripe (from the Arx Pro) better. Maybe that’ll be a “vanity upgrade” later on.

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