Follow up on my apology yesterday

May 31, 2011

Good to see my stupid remark has led to a discussion on the difficulties the good journalists face in covering our sport. The Inner Ring wrote an interesting piece (I’m sure there are more, so don’t take this as a disqualification of others). Did find any other pieces you found interesting, then please put them in the comments section of this post at

One journo remarked to me in private that “it is so difficult to get some the biggest names to speak on controversial topics, and if you do, they’ll never talk to you again.” Well, yes, if it was easy, we could all be journalists. Richard Nixon also didn’t sit down with Bob Woodward for a nice chat. And I doubt he ever put him back on his Christmas card list.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to building my new S2.

11 Responses to “Follow up on my apology yesterday”

  1. beev Says:

    Hi Gerard – just wondering if one of the more investigative journalists out there would like to look into the canyon v cervelo dispute that concluded recently. i think it would be very interesting to see what exactly was agreed between two such powerful bike makers….

  2. Hi beev, I don’t know, you’d have to ask the journalists. My guess is they would think very few people would be interested in that topic, so they wouldn’t want to spend any time on it.

  3. Dear Gerard,

    I would like to continue to see the work on the S2 but what about the solutions number 3 and 4?

  4. Darren Hague Says:


    I just wanted to thank you for writing so candidly on this topic and many others. I’ve only been cycling for a couple of years, so I didn’t even know that Cervelo Test Team were new in 2009 because that was the same year I got my first road bike. It’s been great to follow the Cervelo adventure through your blog and the Beyond the Peloton video series.

    I just got my first Cervelo today (a lowly S1, but we all have to start somewhere!) and the buying decision was pretty much directly a result of the whole company ethos: engineering-led, no crap, anti-doping, supportive of women’s cycling, BTP videos – the list goes on. I’m proud to be your latest customer: keep up the good work.

    Thanks & best wishes,

    • operarunner Says:

      Ditto – Cervelo is a great company that walks the talk. I own a P1 – also entry level, but I love it. fits my budget and I can see owning it for 10 years. saving my pennies for an S1!!


  5. Hi Miguel, solutions 3 & 4 are coming too.

    Hi Darren, thanks for your support, much appreciated.

  6. Joao Correia Says:

    Hey want to go for a ride?

  7. Lukeincalgary Says:

    If your critical post and subsequent follow ups did anything, and I’m certain they did, they’ve probably made a few of the less journalistic reporters take a look in the mirror… whether they decide to “grow a set” and stop pandering, time will tell.

    The industry and the sport needs guys like you to actually USE the voice the position they’ve achieved through hard work and dedication can provide.


  8. Tom Fort Says:


    Your ideas on doping, the media, restructuring races, relations between the UCI and other stakeholders in the sport, etc. seem like good ones for the most part. Have you considered building some support and running for chairmanship of the UCI?

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