My new bike – fork

June 1, 2011

The standard fork on the S2 is the Funda Pro, and it’s a fork I like. The shapes are aerodynamic, the ride quality is good. The Team version is obviously a bit lighter, but we only stock it in black. I have been known for weird fork colors in the past, such as a black R3sl with a Red Funda fork, which to this day I consider a beautiful combination. But this time I think the aesthetic really calls for the white fork, with the perfectly matching lines going on to the frame.

Technically, the best feature of the Funda fork is the way the headset and stem are pre-loaded. Rather than the regular carbon steerer expanders that tend to loosen, the Funda has an alloy sleeve that you bond into the steerer. The sleeve strengthens the steerer in the most important spot – at the top bearing – and allows for a regular starnut to go inside said sleeve. Whatever you do, that’s not coming loose in my lifetime.

5 Responses to “My new bike – fork”

  1. italiafirenze Says:

    I reckon I know what handlebars are coming next.

  2. The handlebars are in the pic. Let me guess: E…a Team

  3. SvelteSoutherner Says:

    Actually the Funda’s bonded sleeve came loose on my S2. It was two years old and the sleeve pulled out of the steerer. I replaced it with a conventional carbon expander.

    • Hi SvelteSoutherner, sorry to hear that, then it wasn’t bonded properly. It is not recommended to use a conventional carbon expander on a Funda fork, as the steerer was designed with the Aluminum sleeve in mind. It’s the sleeve that gives the fork additional impact and sheering strength.

  4. Lee Says:

    The only fault I find with the bond in sleeve is that it can make things difficult if you choose to cut the steerer later on. Good thing my S2 did not come with the sleeve bonded in as I had to cut the steerer tube.

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