June 27, 2011

Note: This post is about the poll results from Friday, a “normal” blog post will follow shortly.

Thanks to everybody who filled out the poll. 3x a week got the most votes, but very closely followed by 5x, 1x and “other”. So it’s all over the place. Most people wo voted “other” said to post whenever I had something interesting and/or intelligent to say. No pressure!!

That said, I understand what you mean, and maybe that sentiment was also in the votes for 3x per week when I am currently blogging 5x. Maybe it’s not about the frequency per se but more a reflection that some of the posts simply haven’t been what you were looking for. Obviously I write about what interests me at that moment. I do try to ensure it will interest YOU as well, but that’s hard to know for sure.

Maybe we can make a deal: For the moment, I will keep writing 5x per week (especially with the Tour coming up), but:

  1. If I don’t feel it’s up to snuff, I skip a day
  2. If you don’t feel it’s up to snuff, you let me know (privately by email at, via the comments section of the offending post or via twitter)
And then after the Tour, we re-evaluate. Deal? BTW, I’m just happy “enough already, just stop” didn’t win the poll!

2 Responses to “Deal?”

  1. Aaron Check Says:

    As someone who loves to sell your product here in Canada, I have often commented to my co-workers that you @ Cervelo have got it down to a science. Things like BTP and your blog here give you and your Company/Team a distinctive “human” feel, and I feel that it helps with sales, and creates a loyalty that other brands don’t offer.

    I have always felt that Cervelo was a team for the fans, and I hope to enjoy many more of your blogs/videos/etc as seeing the real life, raw side of cycling has become much more appealing to me than the mainly surface content of the past.

    Thanks for taking such a passionate approach to cycling.

    P.S. Thank you for brainbike 2011 this year. It was and amazing experience.

    Aaron Check
    A&L Get Active
    Brandon MB, Canada

    • Thanks for the kind words Aaron, much appreciated. For Brainbike, don’t thank me, thank the hard-working people in the Toronto office. Glad it was a good experience though!

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