My new bike – SURPRISE

June 27, 2011

OK, so I won’t quit my day job to write suspense novels. Some of you spotted the handlebars in the background of the photo about the fork I put on my new S2. I could tell you that I did that on purpose, just to see who was paying attention, but I’d be lying. It’s more of a way to find out that I wasn’t paying attention. So here we go:

The handlebar I put on here is the 3T Ergonova. It has an anatomical drop, meaning that rather than a constant curve it has sections that are more or less straight at an angle about 45 degrees to the horizontal. This means that when your hands are in a natural position in the drops, they rest perfectly in that section and the entire hand is supported. If you have a constant curve (so the grip also curves inside your hand), the middle of the palm of your hand is not supported, only the edges are. Virtually all handlebars on bikes sold to the public have this grip shape now.

And if the suspense is killing you, does anybody recognize the shift-brake levers? To talk to me about that or anything else, just write something in the comments section or contact me via twitter @gerardvroomen.

3T Ergonova handlebars

3T Ergonova bars on my S2

11 Responses to “My new bike – SURPRISE”

  1. SRAM levers and I’d suspect SRAM Red!

  2. I hope they’re SRAM Red!

  3. 200% SRAM RED, see previous picture ;-)

    Good choice

  4. Joseph De Marco Says:


    Your going to have to do a better job hiding these things haha!! Patrick was paying attention. Please don’t ever split up Cervelo and SRAM Red, I just put Red on my Cervelo S3 so I can make it as close to the team bikes as possible…and now I can’t afford to change it again :p

    I love these blogs!! Keep it up!!

  5. Ricarello Says:

    Hi. all shapes for all kind…
    i have the ergonova that is nice handling (+1) but for tall people (1.90) it has the disadvantage to reduce the lenght but 2 or 3 cm compared to a traditional HB.
    I have noticed that a lots of pro keep using the round shape and I guess it is to maximize the lenght.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I am using for a while time trial bars (easton deltaforce like) on my road bike and in my cx bike. I realized that I didn’t use the drop position at all, and these time trial bar fit very well with my low back flexibility. And I also thought: why do I have to wear this old fashioned, underevolutionated road bike round bars? I strongly recomend them.

  7. james drake Says:

    Could it be that co-founder, co-owner and now “lowly” boardmenmber of Cervelo rides a “lowly” S2? What about the brand new S5??? If it’s so blerry aerodynamic why are you still on an S2? Reason I ask is I bought an S2 earlier this year and have been kicking myself once the S5 came out.. for everything except looks, in which the S2 is miles ahead. sometimes to go faster you just need to look very fast, and very good. What is your feeling for the S2 versus the S5? And which bike would you rather fall with?

    • Well, I started putting together this bike before the S5 was public, I just haven’t kept pace with the blog entries. I likely will switch out the frame at some point, but I do like the S2. As for which bike I’d rather fall with, I rather wouldn’t. My worst fall ever was with an R3sl, couldn’t walk for 5 weeks, but I don’t think that was necessarily the frame’s fault.

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