McQuaid quits UCI race

August 1, 2013

Velonation as usual has done a great job of sorting out the Pat McQuaid nonsense. I really urge you to read this particular article.

In the article, Velonation has excerpts of Myles Dungan interviewing McQuaid for the RTE radio program “Today with Pat Kenny”. The most interesting part is this:

MD: Again to come back to this Article 51… ‘The candidates for the presidency shall be nominated by the federation of the candidate.’ The rules state ‘the’ federation of the candidate, not ‘a’ federation of the candidate. Surely you have got to make a decision what is your federation? And Morocco, let’s face it, Pat, is not your federation…

PMQ: Morocco is a federation I have close association with, close ties with. They have made me a member of their federation and they have nominated me for president.

MD: But it is not the federation of the candidate…

PMQ: But I don’t have any ‘the’ federation of the candidate. The fact is that I am the president of 175 federations. I left Ireland eight years ago so I have little or nothing to do with the Irish federation.

Of course, the first logical question is: If you have little or nothing to do with the Irish federation, why did you seek its nomination in the first place?

But the more exciting part is this: Pat McQuaid states here unequivocally that he doesn’t have ANY “the federation of the candidate”. Yet the rules clearly state, as even McQuaid agrees, that only “the federation of the candidate” can nominate a member.

Therefore, the conclusion has to be that NO federation can nominate McQuaid, since no federation is “THE federation of McQuaid”.

Expect McQuaid to withdraw from the UCI presidential race shortly.

14 Responses to “McQuaid quits UCI race”

  1. Ron Callahan Says:

    I don’t see McQuaid pulling out of the race any time soon.

    I more or less expect him to find some way to eliminate the election altogether – emergency powers or something – as he continues his quest to be UCI-President-For-Life.

  2. Roger Sitterly Says:

    I wish it were that simple. Mr. McQuaid seems to have become the master parser of the English language, making it fit whatever he decides is required under the circumstances. I’m reminded of the not-so-distant-past when a well-known U.S. politician muttered “it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is”.

  3. Allie Says:

    UCI Feudal lords Pat and Hein have more lives than ten cats. It is going to require an organized effort to unseat them. They are without conscience, shame or executive and managerial ability to transform the UCI and the sport.

  4. Enter the world of ” jim burn aka robert mugabe or ” the dear leader of nth korea ” , better known to the cycling world as phat the rat mc quaid !

    In the real world , Race Cyclists are observing OMERTA so as to avoid being drawn into the underworld run by ” he who must be obeyed , since he ” CAN MAKE YOU POSITIVE ANY TIME I CHOOSE “!

    It won’t be over until the ” fat fool has sung “, currently he is playing us ALL like an out of tune violin !

    When the UCI Congress meets , THERE SHOULD BE A NEW CHARTER & CONSTITUTION available for them to vote !


  5. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Hey, there’s a chance Mugabe may lose this time round, we can only hope for the same for The Mad Hatter. This fellow sounds wackier by the day as his world seems to be collapsing in on him. There’s got to be a used car dealership he can find a job in, no? Anyone out there with a job for Paddy? He needs a parachute and it doesn’t have to be golden!

  6. Leo Says:

    This kind of hairsplitting is unworthy of you! The Cookson camp must be really scared to be looking for any excuse to create an acclamation!! Nothing is as bad as an unopposed election. NOTHING!!!

    • Hairsplitting? McQ is trying to use semantics to justify unjustifiable tactics, I merely point out his logic is flawed.

      As for the need for a real race, I already wrote about it here:

      But it is silly to think that people cannot object to the UCI president breaking the rules “because we need a race”. If the recent past has taught us anything, it’s that cycling needs to start respecting the rules. That’s even more important than having a race.

      What world we live in if we have to accept dictatorial actions without objection for the good of democracy?

    • Alan Westwood Says:

      McQuaids last two elections were unopposed weren’t they – so how could he or you Leo object now? I’d rather see more candidates too, but only if McQuaid wasn’t one of them, because more candidates would splkt the vote against him!

    • Luis Oliveira Says:

      Man, to consider that any contest, even one where the incumbent bends and twists the rules to his favor, creates new ones as he pleases or sees fit and is willing to say and do anything to keep power, is better than not having a contest, that’s quite an amazing position to have. May I interest you on studying the Venezuelan Democracy?

  7. SteveP Says:

    Waiting for a North Korean Federation endorsement. Or how about Robert Mugabe personal recommendation……… Of more concern is that he thinks we are dumb enough not to know what he, or his cohorts, are up to

  8. Rp Says:

    McQuaid said, “Morocco is a federation I have close association with, close ties with. They have made me a member of their federation and they have nominated me for president.”
    I do not see his name as a member of the la Federation Royale Moracain de Cyclisme, could Pat be mistaken?

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